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March 27, 2015


University Police, state officials try to decrease traffic-related fatalities

While this state’s traffic-related fatalities has reached its lowest point since 1948, Prince George’s County is still struggling after recording the greatest number of fatalities out of all counties this year.

LGBT Equity Center revamps rainbow terrapin logo to foster conversation

When freshman Sam Hajarian sees other people display the revamped rainbow terrapin logo stickers, she knows they are an ally, or part of the LGBTQ community — and that comforts her.

Univ. of Maryland places highly in graduate school rankings

This university’s graduate schools’ recent U.S. News & World Report rankings are improving the school’s fundraising efforts as well as student and faculty recruitment, graduate school, officials said.

'Beyond Diversity' workshop ignites discussion, activities for inclusiveness

The role of religion in today’s society is a complex question, but the first step to answering it, Elana Duré said, is getting people of diverse religious backgrounds to start a conversation.

Maryland men's lacrosse opens Big Ten slate against Michigan

When this university moved to the Big Ten last summer, it created opportunities for new rivalries against high-profile opponents for many Terrapin teams.

Maryland softball aims for consistent performances against Ohio State

In the top of the first inning of the Terrapins softball team’s nightcap of their doubleheader against Dartmouth on Wednesday night, infielder Juli Strange, playing third base, rushed into foul territory and leaned over the fence to record the second out of the frame.

Welma Luus prepares for final home match with Maryland tennis

When Daria Panova was hired as the Terrapin tennis coach in summer 2012, she didn’t know much about the team or College Park.

Maryland baseball to face former coach Erik Bakich in Michigan series

When Terrapins baseball coach John Szefc arrived in College Park nearly three years ago, he inherited a program on the rise.

Reevaluating drunken driving laws

Putting this state's safety first

What is political accountability anyway?

Our important role in keeping politicians honest

Hillary Clinton using her private email, not illegal but very suspicious

We need more than Clinton’s word that nothing illegal transpired

Marking sex offense investigations on transcripts is unwanted information

A proposed bill that marks alleged sex offenders forces employers to consider information they should not have

Love, live and play School Idol Festival

I might be a broke college student whose life is in shambles, but at least I have nine cute girls to come home to — kind of.

Art Attack 2015: not the best, not the worst

It’s that time of year again: SEE just announced this year’s Art Attack lineup and, as usual, reactions are mixed.

RECAP: 'The Americans,' "Divestment" and "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?"

If there’s a unifying thread in these two recent The Americans episodes, it’s that of interrogations, intense one-on-one conversations in which one party wields the authority, but the other holds the secrets.

The most important college lesson: how to be broke

I think a lot of students can relate to being the stereotypical “broke college kid.” I’m no different. Now that I’m a senior and about to graduate, I almost see it as a right of passage. I know there are students out there who have parents who’ve worked hard and saved their whole lives to send them to school and give them spending money ­— kudos to them. But I think there’s something truly special in being broke as shit through college. You aren’t truly a broke college kid until you:


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